Look Up – Mirrored Post

Image from pixabay “Delicate Arch night stars landscape” Should get you there.


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Look to the sky
Look to the stars
They can’t take us over
They can’t take what’s ours.

The work of our hands,
We can always redo.
The things in our minds
We pass down to you.

The will to the striving
They never will break.
The hope in our labors
They never can take.

The fire that burns
In every free soul
Is something they never
Can see nor control.

They think in our spirits
We are like them,
Yet we know the truth:
We are still men.

No machine to dance
To a street grinder’s tune.
No dog to lie lazy,
Then howl at the moon.

We look to the sky
And reach to the stars,
And they can’t understand
What makes the sky ours.

This song came to me in a black time, when I seemed to be the only one who was not convinced the world was about to explode one way or another.  I do get accused of being optimistic.  And with all the crazy that’s going on int he country, maybe folk are right when they say it.  Or maybe it’s just the peace that passes understanding.  Or maybe I’m just the sort to panic when everything’s done and over with.  Could be any or all of the above, but it still resonates today the way it did when I wrote it back on October 14, 2016 an posted it to a comment in Sarah Hoyt’s blog.  The trappings of the world are ephemeral.  Things that have been made can be destroyed.  Things that have been destroyed can be made again and sometimes the new is better than the old.  Sometimes the old is better than the new, at least temporarily.  Yet such a state seldom laughs.  We have surpassed Rome as Rome surpassed what came before, and our descendants shall some day surpass us, even if we are destroyed.  The physical passes away.  Yet it is the spirit that endures.  It is the spirit that pushes us to grow and to build, and that spirit cannot be destroyed, no matter how bleak the future may seem.

I don’t have much to say today, but somehow I think there are some that need to see this.  Look to the sky, both the Heavens and the Stars.  Take hope.